Être Cécile began life as a T-shirt brand and these casual staples remain one of our most popular pieces. Crafted from soft cotton to a choice of styles including classic, slim-fit crew necks and more androgynous oversized cuts, they showcase our characteristic detailing: French-inspired motifs and tongue-in-‘chic’ slogans.
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Express Yourself with a French Slogan T Shirt from être cécile

être cécile is THE place to come to when you're looking for the very best in high-quality designer slogan t-shirts, and we are pleased that you've found us. Our exciting yet affordable collection, available in our stores or online, is your best destination when you're looking for a French slogan shirt. We find our voice in subtle collections of humour and lightheartedness, reflective of our true essence and approach.

How you dress is a reflection of who you are and conveys a lot about how you see both yourself and the world. We go to great lengths to design and bring to you a collection of high-quality t-shirts in a variety of styles and colours, to aptly reflect you. Our collection of t-shirts in French offer you many ways to express yourself in a subtle yet humorous manner while speaking to your sense of style.

Although considered a luxury t-shirt label, our collection is taking the fashion world by storm. Our affordable prices guarantee we have something for everyone. From conservative to liberal, our French motifs allow you to say something witty or charming, sassy or toned down, funny or serious, all the while conveying your sense of style and chic.

French Slogan T Shirts with the Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style

French clothing and couture is considered the leading in the fashion industry, and we at être cécile combine style with quality and comfort to keep you looking fabulous and feeling good about yourself. A chic wardrobe is no longer just the domain of the super-rich. The evolution of French fashion has in recent times seen a subtle swing from boldly stated high fashion to casual sophistication.

Today's woman wants to make a fashion statement, but not at the expense of her comfort. We create casual designer pieces for the true fashion girl, taking inspiration from the cleanliness of French style to produce understated elegance in easy-to-wear printed garments. Tongue-in-cheek slogans on high-quality garments create a contemporary approach that reflects the diversity that high fashion addresses today.

A French Slogan T Shirt is The Perfect Wardrobe Basic

No woman's wardrobe is complete without t-shirts. That is why our quality garments are made from a higher weight cotton that's both long-lasting and easier to tailor for a feminine cut. From casual to smart, whether to wear plain or to layer, our full collection offers such variety you're sure to be spoilt for choice. Our brand is carefully produced in Europe, and we have showrooms in Paris, New York and London.

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We ship free in the UK and deliver by DHL internationally and we offer free returns if you are not happy with your garment. Place your order here to receive your fabulous french slogan shirt.
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