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We’re all about shaking up classic pieces with unexpected twists; case in point, our denim jackets. Front-on, they present an understated aesthetic but make sure you spin round to show off the backs which are emblazoned with signature Cécile slogan detailing and multi-coloured motifs.
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Are You Looking For a Slogan Denim Jacket?

Denim is a durable cotton that comes from the serge de Nimes in France, hence the name denim. Made famous by the invention by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis of the blue dyed jean pants in America in the 1800s, its popularity has continued to grow.

Denim’s popularity was further spurred by the advent of American cowboy movies and later use by American soldiers on leave. This quality durable fabric saw even further exponential growth among the youth in the 1960s, who aspired to imitate the rebellious attitude portrayed by jean-clad James Dean in the famous movie ‘Rebel Without a Cause’.

This hard-wearing material made the switch from work clothes to become a choice of the fashion conscious in the 1970s when manufacturers, realising the ever-growing popularity of jeans, began to produce them in different styles. It wasn’t much longer that denim crossed over from America to the rest of the world, and with the spread of the jeans came with it the awareness of denim.

Today, a vast array of different items of clothing are made from this durable fabric and it’s certainly a favourite with us here at être cécile.

We Sell The Best Slogan Denim Jackets Online

Denim is still making an impact on fashion and is now found in every corner of the world. It’s a fashion favourite that just keeps coming back and is the reason why you should have it as a timeless fashion piece. In keeping with our all things French and fashionable motto, we at être cécile have used this versatile fabric to create an absolutely, chic, classic-fit denim jacket with a pop floral motif that every fashion conscious female would be proud to have.

A denim jacket says a lot about you. It’s no fuss rugged glamour creates an impression of being real while being cool. With such attention to detail as pockets on the chest, front embroidery, folded collar and pop floral design on the back, we’ve further taken the work association out of the denim, to give it new prominence in high fashion.

Denim, from Work Clothes to Fashion

With this little jacket, you can conjure up whatever style you want. Paired with a pair of jeans or trousers, an A-Line skirt, shorts or a mini skirt, this waist-length jacket is sure to sit pretty on you, making both a fashion statement and a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe. It is a comfortable transition item guaranteed to last you through many a season.

While our être cécile slogan denim jackets and slogan jumpers, may not to define you as rebellious, they will define you as sophisticated, elegant and fashion conscious, while being down to earth.

Free Delivery on All Slogan Denim Jackets

To get your être cécile slogan denim jacket, place your order online and we’ll be happy to deliver to you free within the UK, or you may visit one of our stores located in Paris, New York and London. Our delivery is fast and free within the UK, and we offer free returns for our UK customers, whilst shipping our international orders via DHL. 

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