Être Cécile was born a T-shirt brand – offering casual staples embellished with characterful print and slogan detailing. Now we’ve upped the ante by creating a premium yet totally accessible collection of super-chic luxury T-shirts. Let them instantly elevate anything from tailored trousers to tracksuit bottoms.
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French-inspired luxury t-shirts

Do you think that looking great in French-inspired luxury t-shirts will break the bank? Well, here at être cécile we want to put that myth to bed once and for all. Our French-inspired clothing collective was founded by Yasmin Sewell and Kyle Robinson whose mission was clear and simple.

To provide high end, amazing quality fashion without the huge price tag. We have stayed true to the mission of our founders and are proud to still be providing high end looks at affordable prices. When you wear one of our luxury t-shirts, you’re bound to feel on top of the world.

Luxury T-shirts to suit everyone

Say goodbye to the bland block colour t-shirts that we seem to be inundated with these days. Say hello to unique and humorous fashion that you won’t find anywhere else. If you want a t-shirt to help you exaggerate your personality, we’ve got you covered. We have kept in touch with our roots with discrete injections of humour in our fashion collective t-shirts. The clever, tongue in cheek slogans are going to be the perfect addition to your wardrobe and a great way to help you extend your personality and merge it with your fashion sense. Our t-shirts are just as unique as you are and we encourage you to embrace this. Flaunt it in a high-end t-shirt that’s guaranteed to make you look and feel fantastic.

Take pride in your wardrobe again

For too long now, fashion has been becoming more and more mundane. Everyone is blending into one with dull block colour clothing. We say ‘No more!’ to this great tragedy. It’s time to take pride in your wardrobe once again. Regain control over your fashion and don’t be afraid to wear one of our unique t-shirts. You’ll have heads turning in awe of your faultless style, and what’s more, you’ll feel on top of the world knowing you got a high-end look at a great price. When you fill your wardrobe with luxury clothing from us, you’ll regain your love of fashion and trying out new and original looks. Become everyone's fashion icon in contemporary, clean French clothing, animal prints and lighthearted slogan tops. Our fashion collective has a personality all of its own.

Shop our luxury t-shirt collection today

We have so many amazing, high quality and affordable t-shirts for you to browse online or in store. We guarantee that you’ll find fashion pieces to fall in love with. You’ll adore our high end, amazing quality clothing from the moment you try it on. With free UK shipping, fast international shipping and free returns, what are you waiting for? You won’t find clothing at the same quality and price anywhere else. Our full product line is made even better by its originality. We also have exclusive products that you won’t find anywhere else.  Check out our online store for yourself to see what amazing exclusives and promotions we have on today.
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