Could there be anything more French than a classic striped T-shirt? Why, non! The epitome of effortless style, it’s a casual basic yet also screams timeless elegance. Our collection pays homage to the iconic Breton but adds a signature Cécile twist with playful prints and slogan embellishment.
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Striped T Shirts - Casual Never Looked This Good

As a luxury t-shirt label, we have worked hard to bring you high fashion t-shirts that are a comfortable, relaxed fit that effortlessly convey stylish chic. Our collection will surprise and delight you with the well-thought-out and beautifully designed t-shirt styles that will give you hours of wearing pleasure.

Blending French design and streetwear, our collection of french striped t-shirts comprises round necked to crew neck and short sleeved to long sleeved classic stripes, the epitome of Parisian chic.

Borrowing from Cecile, an Irish born artist that lived in Paris in the 1960s and whose penchant for creative fashion and animal prints we have sought to emulate, we bring you casual style with fun, provocative motifs. être cécile means allowing you the freedom to express yourself in your own way through your fashion statements.

High-Quality Affordable Striped T Shirts

While a t-shirt is the most basic ladies wardrobe item, this doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. Make your fashion statement with a carefully selected t-shirt on its own, or the way you mix and match. Our French striped t-shirts collection offers a chance to layer your clothing to create an exciting look that will take you from casual to glamorous.

Quality does not mean having to pay a very high price for our pieces either. We keep our designs affordable as we believe everyone deserves luxury clothing at an affordable price. Our tongue-in-cheek French slogans inject a touch of humour to make wearing our pieces fun.

How To Wear a Striped T-Shirt

It is effortlessly easy to wear a striped t-shirt and paired up, can create a number of looks. And if you need any inspiration, consider wearing your t-shirt:

  • Tucked into a straight pencil skirt or flared skirt
  • With solid colour pants and jacket
  • With a French bomber jacket
  • With a collar
  • Under a jacket or trenchcoat
  • Under an overall
  • Under a vest
  • Tucked into jeans
  • Over jeans and pants
  • With a midi skirt

There are so many ways to wear your striped t-shirt, and while a basic rule of thumb is to always match it up with a solid colour – why not be a rebel and wear it with a clashing print?

Why Buy Striped T Shirts Online at être cécile

Our different approach to fashion has seen our company grow and we are proud to say, attract even famous celebrities and models, who want to create a casual, provocative look. We’d love to count you among our clients and invite you to take a peek at what we have in store for you. We are sure you won’t be disappointed. 

We offer unique, exclusive products, amazing prices, and the highest quality, with challenging slogans and printed garments. We have a full product line and exceptional brand knowledge. 

Our collections are made in Europe from high-quality cotton or jersey and sold through our stores in London, New York and Paris. You can also order from us online. We offer fast and free shipping within the UK and DHL deliveries to international destinations.
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