We can’t resist a bit of word-play. Key to the Cécile aesthetic, it adds instant charm to these French slogan jumpers. Presented in a choice of different shapes and styles – from oversized hoodies to neat cropped sweatshirts – they’re finished with vintage-inspired detailing and punchy pops of colour.
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Get Your French Slogan Jumper from être cécile

In the past slogan jumpers were most traditionally reserved for men, but now that’s changing. When it comes to slogan jumpers women’s options are growing, and it’s one of the reasons we’ve chosen to offer our own version to you. A fun way for women to express themselves and wear their heart on their sleeve, our jumpers are designed to be noticed!

In terms of fans of slogan jumpers UK women are leading the charge. These jumpers are adored for their bold style, beautiful designs and the ability to help women make a statement.

At être cécile we have a wide range of designs and customers both in the UK and abroad love to shop with us. So let’s take a look at what makes our products – and shopping with us – so special.

Slogan Jumpers with a French Twist

Our founders created their brand because of their passion for stunning French clothing designs. The designs are infused with energy from the life and times of Cécile, an Irish-born artist living in 1960s Paris who had a deep love of animal prints and a creative flair for fashion.

This passion seeps into every single piece produced by the brand and gives already stunning slogan jumpers an international twist that sets them apart from the crowd and makes their statements even bolder.

Quality French Slogan Jumpers at Great Prices

We believe that great products should not be inaccessible due to pricing. We have worked very hard to strike a balance between cost and quality, emerging with the best possible ratio. Our customers find that our products are priced in an accessible way and that they benefit from beautiful, unique designs and items that last a long time due to quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

Durable French Slogan Jumpers Made From Quality Materials

être cécile works exclusively with the best materials to ensure the longevity and durability of our items. Our customers are always delighted at the quality of the products that they purchase, and you can find a lot of happy customers posting their latest pieces on Instagram and on other social media channels!

In the same way as any other fans of fashion, we have an adoration for those items that last for a long time and can be relied upon as a constant companion.

A Simple Purchase Process

Online shopping can be tough sometimes because you don’t get to feel the quality of the materials and get an idea of sizing. We understand this complexity, and that’s why we make it our priority to offer you as much information as possible before you make your purchase.

You will find that every single one of our items is thoroughly explained and photographed. You’ll see detailed information, specifics around sizing and fits and any other important information.

Once you’ve found the perfect item that you want the purchase process is simple, and we accept the most common payment options out there. You’ll be updated throughout the process and be able to track your items as they make their way towards you.

Free Shipping on Your French Slogan Jumper

If you are shopping from the UK then you will be able to benefit from free shipping. For our international customers we offer a range of postage and packaging options.

If you want to get your French slogan jumper today, then be sure to browse through our website.
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