SS19 story behind

 The SS19 Story

This season our muse is meandering through sleepy streets on her 1970s Peugeot bicycle,
striped Cecile trench coat thrown into its basket and white denim dress billowing in the wind.

She spends her Saturdays cycling from disco to disco until the orange hues of
daybreak spread across the sky and she returns home, opens her chest of records, and
plucks Donna Summer’s 1978 ‘Bad Girl’ from her cedar wood treasure chest, spilling its
contents onto the paisley carpet.

Cigarette in hand, she dances to the crackled tones
reverberating from the turntable,

“’re bad girl, you’re sad girl, you’re such a naughty
bad girl...”

Emblems of the discotheque - stars, glitter and lurex - merge subtly into classic workwear silhouettes and separates. The signature EC multi stripe rib is spliced with sparkle, and classic tees are emblazoned with witty puns in psychedelic typeface. 

Silky separates and slips are brought to life with fresh prints. Nostalgic stripe make an appearance across our dresses and skirts, and this season we welcome a jumpsuit silhouette, otherwise known as the ‘play’ suit.

Perfect for the Cecile Girl.