The PS19 Story

This season the Cécile Girl is flamboyantly carefree, immersed in the revolution of French society

– Egalité! Liberté! Sexualité!

Pre Spring 19 is an ode to the francophone pop movement known as ‘Yé-yé’. This collection transports Cécile back to the 60s, championing the French filles de la pop that revolutionised the role of women in the music industry. Carefree and hedonistic, Yé-yé music was an oasis of feminine frivolity, a revolt against conservatism.

The candy coated aesthetic of the Yé-yé movement is translated into the collection with base colours of cool blue and pale lilac, blended into new silk prints such as the "Disco All Over". Graphic prints are lifted with bright bursts of colour in reference to the psychedelia subculture that fuelled the liberal spirit of the 60s.

As ever, the Cécile charisma reigns supreme with tongue-in-cheek quirks such as "Gainsburger and Jane’s Fries" paying homage to the ultimate icons of the era that represented a new culture of freedom. This season’s Cécile hound is set amongst a kaleidoscopic backdrop emblazoned with "Jane Barkin". From Francoise Hardy to Bridgette Bardot,
the names of Yé-yé muses adorn classically tailored tees that pair perfectly with the minimalist sportswear silhouettes emblematic of the brand.

The entire collection is brushed with nostalgia for the sixties whilst retaining their signature French-cool aesthetic. The Cécile breton stripe is given a vintage twist using a warmer red and a soft cool blue and hand drawn retro typefaces allude to an era of newfound liberty and wild experimentation in life and love.

Join Cécile this season as they embark on a psychedelic trip through the golden era, celebrating the spirit of Yé-yé!