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The PF18 Story 

This season, Cécile is a brain. She’s an athlete. And a basket case. A princess...and a criminal...

For Pre-Fall 2018, the Queen of Bastille has packed her baguettes and crossed the Atlantic for an exchange semester at Shermer High School, Illinois, as told through the seminal films of John Hughes.

Cécile throws on a foiled-blocked Day Off tee and skips school with Ferris, Sloane and Cameron for a day of Leisure and adventure in Chicago: cruising in the Presque Parisienne Ferrari, dining at Chez Amour and dancing in the parade. 

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Bespoke digital prints celebrate our unlikely heroes; the Bender Check, Duckie Grid and Ferris Stripe feature across crisp cotton and jersey throughout the collection.

School spirit reigns through signature track pants and sweats with sporty stripes or varsity letter detailing, while support for the Cecile Cubs comes through motifs emblazoned on t-shirts, sweatshirts and a reversible bomber jacket.

Rosé Bon Bon (the French title for Pretty in Pink) adorns feminine hued tees and sweats, while a Lollipop emblem embroidered across a chambray denim jacket epitomises the Brat Pack’s teenage nonchalance.

PF18 is a characteristically tongue-in-cheek adventure through 1980s American High School nostalgia and you’re invited to play hooky with Cécile and the gang. 

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