You know as well as us that investing in great outerwear is key to mastering the art of effortlessly cool French style. Our vintage bomber jackets will instantly toughen up feminine looks with androgynous attitude. They’re cut to a blouson silhouette and embellished with signature Cécile detailing.
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Every now and then an item is created whose popularity transcends its original intended purpose and time. The vintage bomber jacket is one such item. Called vintage to denote a quality item produced during a particular era in the past, the original fighter pilot's jacket has been rebranded as a modern day fashion apparel, becoming the must-have fashion item we have today.

The Vintage Bomber Jacket, an Undying Classic

The vintage-inspired bomber jacket can today be worn over a casual t-shirt and jeans or paired with a mini-skirt or French dress, over tights and ankle boots to create the ultimate casual chic that is a favourite relaxed look for everyone, from the famous to the not-so-famous.

Retro Chic Bomber Jackets For All Seasons

No wardrobe is complete without a vintage-inspired bomber jacket. It is retro chic that keeps making a comeback year after year, and so we're sure you'll love the latest in our collection, which have been created to give you a sense of style and purpose.

What makes them an absolute year-round favourite is the various ways you can wear them. Lighter weight bombers can be used as summer jackets, while heavier weight versions work perfectly as jackets for the cooler season. They are also the ideal in between seasons option.

How To Wear Your Bomber Jacket

Your jacket has to have the right fit to create the fashion statement that you want it to. A general guide when buying a bomber jacket is:

  • Can be worn zipped up or open
  • Should hug your shoulders without being tight around the arms
  • Should have a close fit and end at the waist
  • For the oversize option, the best fit would be one that does not extend beyond your hips
  • Should have a collar that extends up past your neckline
  • Can be worn with heels or sneakers
  • Only wear closed with an A-line skirt when bomber length ends at the high waist.

Bomber Jackets with Versatility In Mix and Match Possibilities

The bomber jacket's main appeal is the endless possibilities it presents to pair up with different items of clothing. Depending on how you wish to wear it, long or short, open or zipped up, the jacket can be used to create different looks because it matches up with so many clothing items and styles.

Our jackets come in various fabrics and designs with french slogans, and we're certain you'll have fun choosing one and experimenting with all the different ways you can match various garments to it, to create that ultimate sophisticated yet unique look. An être cécile bomber jacket is simply a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

Get your Bomber Jacket at an Affordable Price

Our prices are affordable and our quality excellent because we want you to wear high fashion that makes you feel good about yourself. It's easy to order from us either online or at one of our stores. We ship free within the UK and offer a free return policy and also offer fast international delivery outside of the UK.
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